We recently caught up with some of our clients to see how they were doing years after coaching.

This is what they said…


The advice that sticks out I got from John Doerr, who in 2001 said, “My advice to you is to have a coach.” The coach he said I should have is Bill Campbell. I initially resented the advice, because after all, I was a CEO. I was pretty experienced. Why would I need a coach? Am I doing something wrong? My argument was: How could a coach advise me if I’m the best person in the world at this? But that’s not what a coach does. The coach doesn’t have to play the sport as well as you do. They have to watch you and get you to be your best. In the business context a coach is not a repetitious coach. A coach is somebody who looks at something with another set of eyes, describes it to you in [his] words, and discusses how to approach the problem.

Once I realized I could trust him and that he could help me with perspective, I decided this was a great idea. When there is [a] business conflict you tend to get rat-holed into it. [Bill’s] general advice has been to rise one step higher, above the person on the other side of the table, and to take the long view. He’ll say, “You’re letting it bother you. Don’t.”

Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO

Vital ID

Rob was a delight to work with. He’s easy to talk to and practical. We are really growing our business – even expanding through Europe – as a result of our work with him. He’d be really proud of us today.

Sarah Neal

Club Aviva

I am an example of the success of the coaching program. When we met Rob, we were minutes away from closing down. Last year we won Business of the year in our town and have been nominated “Best Gym in Canada”. We have also been able to launch a number of programs to help children living with autism.

Vivien Symington

Hangar 18 Creative Group
Our company has been working with Rob since 2008. How do I put this? If you’re a Beatles fan, you’ll understand when I say he’s the Sir George Martin of the boardroom. Or if you’ve seen any Star Wars movie, he’s to our company what Yoda is to Luke. If you’re looking for a miracle worker, a hand holder or a yes man, Rob isn’t for you. However, if you’re looking for someone to sow ideas, make you think laterally and truly challenge you to excel, he might be. Consult him or do not…there is no try.

Nigel Yonge, Partner


The material Rob has given us to work with is hard to apply, but years later it is still helping us expand our business.  If he could see us now, he’d be really proud of his work. We are still fleshing out a lot of his ideas.


Midway Excel Tire Stores
I want to express my appreciation of our association! Involvement with you and through you, Action International, has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. Your unwavering positive attitude has and continues to be in inspiration to myself, my staff and my company.
The books you have encouraged me to read have been very influential. Particularly the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Who Moved My Cheese
Your dedication to marketing has helped me realize the importance of my leadership. You have helped me to understand that we must all market ourselves in business and in life. As high integrity individuals we have the ability and even a duty to lead our staff and our companies to greater success. I understand my responsibilities much better as a result of many of the things you have encouraged me to do.
Our association, I now believe, has also become a friendship and I thank you for that. I will continue to consult with you as needed and want you to know that, if ever you need help, I will be there if requested.
It has been a wonderful experience working with you!

Mark Endersby, President

Carline & Muffler

Working with Rob has been very helpful. I’ve implemented a lot of his recommendations over the years. It’s hard work, but when you apply the advice, you realize how important it is.

Greg Mowat

Berkshire Securities 
We have seen tremendous growth in our business. A 40% increase in 5 months. This has been an especially difficult time in our industry. All I can say is that even with markets performing so poorly these past few years, our prospects are becoming clients. What we are saying and doing, makes sense. The big financial firms are shrinking and laying people off, we continue to grow and hire more support staff. Working with Rob has been both practical and inspirational. Return “on-investment is something that we really understand and for us business coaching was a great investment in both time and dollars.
Gerry Scott

TG Shulz

Rob is extremely knowledgeable. I like working with him a lot and I have a lot of respect for him. He gave us a lot of great advice, and now the rest is up to us.

Terry Shulz

When I started working with Rob, I was working long hours in my business but not making the kind of money I knew I could. At the same time, I wasn’t interested in marketing because I couldn’t handle all the business I already had. Together Rob and I were able to increase my shop’s production capability and efficiency. After this was in place, we began to work on marketing. My time is now freed up to work on my business in order for it to continue to grow. For the first time in my business career I have free time to work with my son on his project car. We have been able to purchase new equipment to further increase our efficiency. Rob is not only pleasant to work with but his insight and coaching techniques have been very rewarding. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about making positive changes in their business.

Jay Kinrade

Westminster Lift Truck

Rob’s coaching has very good value. Have we recommended him? Yes -we have and we would to anyone interested.

Kim Chornohus

Atkinson and Terry Insurance
We have been working with Rob for some time now and are continuing to see progress in our business. Together, we have developed new markets with effective advertising methods and made strategic alliances with other businesses, which have proven to be valuable. We are using new ways to sell more to our existing customers, and have now opened a third branch where Rob is currently working with our team to optimize performance. When we see the increase in revenue and the results we have achieved, the cost of the program becomes insignificant. We would like to thank Rob for his enthusiasm and sincere desire to help us in our business and would strongly recommend his services.

Dave Terry

Superior Signs

I really enjoyed working with Rob. He’s a good listener, has good ideas, and that’s what we were after.

Kerry Van Aswegen

Canstar Restoration

My philosophy is that everyone needs to be held accountable and working with Rob at ActionCoach does just that. It focuses you and requires accountability and implementation which is action. In particular I enjoyed the personalized attention we got from the coach. Speaking with someone who understands my role and how it fits into my business was refreshing. To this day I rely on the books, the action website, and the presentations provided by Rob during our time together to stay in line with my goals. Rob helped shape our corporate culture and I use the skills I learned daily, especially those related to management and the assigning of roles in our company. People need to continue to work with a coach “ and it needs to be ongoing.

Art Johnson