Stress and its Effect on Job Performance

Stress and its Effect on Job Performance


A job that is completely stress-free simply does not exist. With constant deadlines to meet, people to please, standards to uphold and new markets to enter, your job will always present challenges and circumstances that force you out of a state of perpetual complacency.

Stress gets a bad rap, but it shouldn’t necessary be perceived as a bad thing. It is what motivates you to respond to danger, meet deadlines and think about the future. But as is true with all things in life, an excess can result in a number of physical and mental symptoms that will have a negative affect on your health and well-being in the long term.

The following effects are some of the inevitable symptoms of prolonged stress upon the body:

Weight Gain and Heart Problems

These two issues go hand-in-hand. Stress by itself does not necessarily result in weight gain. Rather, when people are placed under constant stress, they are more likely to eat fattening and salt-heavy foods. These types of food intensify the strain placed on your heart, which is already dealing with a persistently elevated heart rate and blood pressure.

Eating healthy foods can help you to reduce this issue. But it is important to remember that the root cause of your health issues stem from the stress you are experiencing in your daily life.

Persistent Fatigue

Stress doesn’t only affect your mental state – your whole body suffers. Stress causes your adrenal glands to work overtime to maintain its fight-or-flight response. In the short-term, it can increase your performance and concentration. However, over time it exhausts your body and depletes it of its strength.

Fatigue not only reduces your ability to perform physical tasks, but it also makes you less capable of handling challenges and unexpected outcomes.


Everyone has a limit on how much stress they can handle in a day. The more you feel, the more overwhelming it will be when things go wrong. If you’re ever seen someone completely snap over a seemingly minor issue, then they were likely under a substantial amount of stress to begin with.

People who report high levels of stress in their daily lives also report lower levels of job satisfaction and a reduced level of productivity. Thus, addressing the cause can make a big difference in your work output and overall morale.


Burnout is the end result of prolonged periods of high stress. It is characterised by:

  • Deep sense of detachment
  • Lack of motivation
  • Persistent exhaustion
  • Apathy

If you feel you have reached the point of burnout, it is not going to just get better. At this point, you need to seek some form of health services. This may include:

  • Therapy
  • Medication
  • Time Off

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