Tips to Inspire your Small Business Team

 Tips to Inspire your Small Business Team

Small Business TeamIn the workplace, employees often strive to not just be heard but to find purpose in their efforts. As a result, small business owners, managers and those in leadership roles are faced with the challenge of making their small business team feel empowered. It can be easy to lose yourself in day-to-day tasks and meetings, but it’s crucial for you to stay connected to your employees.

To help you build loyalty and boost company morale, here are some tips to inspire your small business team:

  • Value people over profit
  • Learn, don’t lecture
  • Invest in their time
  • Encourage ownership
  • Be accessible
  • Foster collaboration
  • Continually build trust


Value people over profit

Your employees come to work each day, looking to make a difference in some shape, way or form. Communicate value to your employees by taking the time to understand what motivates them.

Learn, don’t lecture

When you’re providing feedback to an employee, be careful not to lecture them. Always try to be a teacher, not a critic. At the end of the day, your employees desire to grow and exercise their abilities. In order to do that, you must allow them some wiggle room for mistakes.

Invest in their time

The best way to inspire your small business team is to allow them to participate in innovation and creativity-based projects. When provided with the right tools and resources, you’d be surprised at what they can achieve.

Encourage ownership

Accountability is one thing, but ownership is quite another. Provide expectations for the end-result and empower your employees. Communicate your trust in them and they will likely go above and beyond.

Be accessible

No matter how busy your schedule gets, as a leader, you need to be there for your small business team. Make yourself accessible to them and spend time getting to know them on a personal level.

Foster collaboration

As a way to inspire your small business team, encourage each member to participate by asking for their input. This is the ultimate driving factor of innovation.

Continually build trust

Create a small business environment that is authentic. Your employees will be inspired by your ability to deliver as promised. The conclusion: show your employees that they play a key role in your brand and they will safeguard it.


I hope you find these tips helpful. If you have a particular situation you need advice on, feel free to contact Business Coach Rob Carol today!


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