Sell by Asking Questions

Sell by Asking Questions

Asking QuestionsWhen it comes to increasing sales, many businesses look to their marketing team to bring in more leads. What is often overlooked is that they may very well have enough leads, but their sales process is not converting enough of these leads into customers.

Your conversion rate is the percentage of leads that actually purchase from you. Unfortunately, it is often an overlooked measurement of success rates.

So how do you increase your conversions rates?


Start by Asking

Have you ever answered a question, with a question? Asking questions will not only increase your conversion rates, it will also build rapport with your customers. Essentially, it ensures that the sale becomes their idea and not yours.

Asking questions also means active listening. You can ask about their work, business, children or hobbies – but make sure you are listening with sincere interest. I recommend jotting down some notes with the answers, as they may be useful in future in future communication.


Remain in Control of the Conversation

Once you find yourself doing all the talking, you are no longer in control. Just remember, the person asking the questions sets the direction for the conversation.

It is important to vary the questions you ask. Being asked, “but why?” over and over again tends to get a little monotonous.


Types of Questions

Questions can guide customer interest, discover a need and provide accurate information.

There are two commonly known types of questioning:

  • Open-ended questions
  • Closed questions


Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions are an excellent way to ensure customer involvement in the conversation.

You can use open-ended questions to:

  • Build rapport
  • Find a need
  • Discover a problem
  • Find the right solution

In journalism, there are six key questions used in the interviewing process – who, what, where, when, why and how. They are equally useful in sales.


Closed Questions

Closed questions tend to yield one-word answers, “yes” or “no”. They can be used to gather information quickly. Additionally, using closed questions can also confirm a buying detail and help confirm the sale.


Learning the art of questioning and listening is the key to increasing your conversion rate. If asking questions is something your sales team is struggling with, enlist the help of local Vancouver Business Coach Rob Carol

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