5 Networking Event Mistakes to Avoid

5 Networking Event Mistakes to Avoid

From Executive Business Coach, Rob Carol

Networking EventMost, if not all business professionals will attend some sort of networking event during the course of their career. Sometimes these events run smoothly and other times they can be just plain awkward. If you’ve ever attended a networking event that did not go as planned, do not get discouraged. Instead, receive help and advice from a professional Business Coach.

Increase the value of networking events by avoiding these 5 networking event mistakes.


1. You don’t have a strategy

Prior to attending a networking event, prepare yourself with a strategy in mind. The first thing you will want to do is create a goal for the event. Your goal may be:

  • Receive 20 business cards
  • Make 10 new contacts
  • Meet a referral partner
  • Find a lead

By outlining your goal, you can then assess the actions that will need to take place in order to achieve your objective. Once you identify what it is you’re after, you will then know who you need to meet. Identify which organizations, activities, conferences and events your target contacts participate in and prioritize those opportunities.

2. You’re too focused on selling

People do not enjoy someone sales pitching them when they’re trying to relax and socialize at a networking event. Instead, focus on getting to know people. Authenticity and personalization will help the conversation run more smoothly. Learning more about them rather than selling allows you to gain their trust and respect.

3. You’re a chatterbox

A conversation should always be a two-way street. At a networking event, active listening is key. Allow your potential contact to open up about themselves; this will allow you to gain valuable insights into their company, the challenges they face, and more.

4. You’re not following up

What are you doing to follow up with potential leads after a networking event? If you’re not following up, you could be missing out. I recommend that you request a LinkedIn connection soon after meeting at the networking event. Personalization is key. Professionals receive many requests so it is important to make yours stand out. Include a short, memorable message in regards to a conversation you had at the event.

5. You’re not providing them value

Networking is all about the give and take. Even if your contact isn’t quite the person you were hoping to meet at the event, hold on to their information. You never know what connection could become valuable in the future.


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