Mouse or the Lion

Influencing through your Public Speaking style (OR not!)

How do you really sound when you speak publicly? Do you intend to speak like a magnificent Lion and actually come across squeaking like a mouse?

Public Speaking

If you have ever recorded your voice you may be surprised at the sound of your own voice and what other people hear. Certainly the experience that we have on stage as presenters is very different to the experience of the audience. So sometimes it can be personally disappointing to realize that your impact on the audience is not what you hoped it would be.

Charisma and influence count, and the great news is that it can be developed successfully and relatively painlessly. In my experience as a coach, all the best work for leadership development will still fall flat if the leader doesn’t develop a polished public charisma and effective public speaking skills.

Perhaps you are in the minority- an exceptional speaker (you base this on the fact that you receive many accolades when you present…. And…You feel that these are sincere and that you are perhaps a gifted orator).

Not everyone is born a natural speaker; however I have seen huge improvements in delivery and impact with a few important principles.

Your effectiveness as a leader hinges on your ability to communicate, and also, the willingness of people who want to follow you. People are critical and are proud and loyal to a person who speaks well and can deliver a message with impact.

Your vision – your arguments your persuasion – are all lost if the listener isn’t listening anymore, or worse yet if they misunderstand what you are trying to say.

With minor changes you can improve your public speaking (from 5 to 10,000 listeners) and this is the easiest way for you to improve your effectiveness.

Being told that you are a good speaker could be one of the worst things that could affect your true ability. We reach a point of good enough- a point that we are satisfied when really we have only reached the “above average” stage and could – with a bit of effort be exceptional.

Speaking, like any performing art, requires some training and a lot of practice and it requires honest and constructive feedback from someone who does it as a professional. You would not imagine a Celine Dion or Streisand, just getting up “winging it.” They have raw talent for sure, but they did not get to the top of the heap without a lot of practice, training /coaching and preparation.

The first rule of Public Speaking is that it takes at least a week to write a great impromptu speech.

If you have ever gone to the microphone with the thought “I can’t wait to hear what I am going to say,” you are cheating yourself and your audience. Your audience will judge you on both what you say and on how you say it.

Do you Practice out loud? The first time you will ‘hear it,” it will sound differently than when you first wrote it down.
Do you Practice good breathing?

This skill has come in handy when the sound system fails or has been turned off and you need to get the audience back. This is especially true for women who have a smaller lung capacity and shorter vocal chords.

As an individual, you have the same 24 hour day as everyone else to develop the personal skills, capabilities and techniques for being more effective. All this dedication to development means nothing if you can’t reach more people with your message. What I mean is not just reaching, but delivering a punch as well. Don’t let yourself down in your delivery. Be the best you can be.

A business coach can help you develop the best version of you and it can have great benefits on your personal life as well as your business life. For business coaching services in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, visit

Rob Carol

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