Management vs. Leadership

Management vs. Leadership


Leadership is one of the biggest problems in business. Not because leadership is bad; rather, because there is a lack of management leading to the leadership. First, let’s define what management and leadership are.

Management – Creating competent, productive employees.

Leadership – Creating passionate, focused employees.

The challenge that many business owners face today is that their business has been built from a leadership perspective. Due to the lack of management, they’re not getting the results they want.

How do you get the results you want in business? It’s not that complex. You must have good management and good leadership. Does every person need to be both? Not necessarily, but there are management traits that we want to build into every leader, and leadership traits we want to build into every manager.

Normally when I see negative behaviour in an organization, it stems from a lack of management. Let’s take a look at how we become good managers as well as how we operate as good leaders.

Management Strategies

1. Do your employees know their job?

Many employees don’t know what is required of them. This is because their job description is too vague. In order to correct this issue, ensure that each employee’s job description is well defined. They will then know:

  • what is expected of them
  • they’re supposed to perform the task
  • understand the importance of the task

I recommend providing employees with checklists and systemization. Ultimately, this will create employee competence and allow your business to achieve the results you want.

2. Create a daily list

If you want higher productivity out of your employees, have your employees write out a list of what they need to complete the next day. I have found a 30% increase in employee productivity when this system was implemented. Additionally, as a manager, you can then take a look at the list. The goal is for this daily list to evolve into a weekly list.

3. Provide employees with training

“You don’t coach a team, you coach individuals.” - Wayne Bennett, Australian Professional Rugby League Football Coach

What training is lacking in your business? Profiling is a useful technique to better understand each employee’s behaviour analysis. This will then help you to understand what kind of training will be the most beneficial. Ultimately, we want to build a training program for each employee to make them competent at their job.

Leadership Strategies

Without management, you’re unable to remove any of the negative behaviours. Lack of productivity and competency creeps in and therefore, leadership doesn’t work. No matter how good of a leader you are, if you have incompetent and non-productive people, you can’t lead them to passion and focus.

1. Communication

2. Vision

3. Culture

4. Recruiting

5. Set Goals

6. Recognition 


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