How to Keep Your Team Engaged

How to Keep Your Team Engaged

team engagedIn business, you can hire people, you can fire people, and you can tell them what to do. But what you can’t do is make them like what they do. Some business leaders are content with having an unhappy team. This thinking is not only wrong, but it is counter-productive to the continued survival of a business. Engaged employees are motivated, innovative and are willing to take on more responsibility within the company. So as a business leader, what can you do to keep your team engaged?

1. Be a team, not a dictatorship

While every team needs a strong captain, you do not need to spend every second reminding your employees who’s boss. Some managers come off as though they are giving orders from heaven, or worse, they rattle off long lists of orders because they don’t want to do the work themselves.

Instead, assign tasks to your employees and offer to help them reach their goals. This will show them that they are a part of a team; a team that sinks or swims together.

2. Give them a chance to shine

Some employees are completely content with being a cog in the wheel. I’m sure you know someone who is working a job that they are relatively indifferent to, just so they can collect a pension in twenty years.

In comparison, people who want to achieve more will never settle for a job pushing pencils all day. These restless employees are always looking for a way to prove to you what they are truly capable of. If you have an employee who wants to prove themselves – let them. These people will bring your business an incredible amount of value.

3. Don’t take them for granted – show your gratitude

This topic goes beyond a simple “thank you”; although, those two words can have quite a bit of power in themselves. If your employees feel as though their contributions are not recognized or rewarded, then there is little incentive to go above and beyond. How you show gratitude is as important as the action itself.


As intuitive as these traits seem, many people can attest from personal experience that managers do not always know how to implement these strategies effectively. My experience and guidance can help you and your management team develop these traits and implement them successfully.

If you’re having difficulty motivating your employees, contact Business Coach Rob Carol!  

Rob Carol

Executive Business Coach, Rob Carol, can help you! As your business coach, he will be working with you in five key areas. The emphasis on each area depends on YOUR needs, the type of business YOU have, and YOUR goals.

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