Horizontal organization

Do you have a horizontal organization?

If so, does it have a few layers?

Horizontal organizationMany small or medium sized businesses have evolved into this standard. However, “everyone reports to me” is not an effective structure.

You may be wondering why not?

There are a lot of reasons.

If you look at history, which armies had the highest success rate? As history proves it, the armies who had a chain of command always won. Alexander had strong generals. He fought side by side with the troops but there was a clear chain of command.

The breakdown
Why does a tiered system work better?

For one thing, employee morale is most influenced by interaction with the immediate supervisor. If employees are not getting regular feedback they tend to be less happy as they could be, which for a business owner means less productive.

If you are supervising a team of more than 8 you are probably not giving it as much attention as you should. But then how could you? You are pretty busy doing your own “job.”

Have you had any “real world” training in managing?
Perhaps you have an MBA?

Did it prepare you for the challenges you face with your employees?

Maybe you have modeled your management style on the bosses that you have had in the past?

Were they good?

Chances are you thought they, or some of them anyway, were incompetent or unreasonable. That is why you went out on your own …you knew you could do it better …right?

This often when we hear ourselves acting like the boss we “would never be like.”

What would your employees/direct reports say about you?

“Oh they love me” is a common reply…(insert sarcastic tone here).

We use a tool that helps the manager know what his direct reports and peers think of his/her style and effectiveness. Managers who use a third party to do a 360 Degree Assessment are often surprised at the result.

The surprises often come from both the positive side and the negative side as well. The results however allow the manager to know what they need to work on and a business coach can help measure the results.

Business coaching does not refer to boss bashing. Rather, productive directed coaching to be a more effective manager. Everyone has blind spots. Your team is looking at them every day. Think about that bit of broccoli you discovered in your teeth …after the big meeting…why didn’t anyone tell me?

The good news is that you can learn to be a better manager.

We are not just talking about logistics here, we are talking about inspiring people to do their job well.
You may be able to point to your success and say “look, I must be a great manager – I am successful.”

How much better could you be?

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