A Healthy Work/Life Balance

A Healthy Work/Life Balance

Work/Life Balance

It’s not easy being a business owner. Overwork and burnout are two especially common problems facing entrepreneurs. It’s not hard to see why. One survey revealed that more than half of the business owners surveyed worked at least 50 hours a week. A quarter worked over 60 hours a week! This level of activity is rarely sustainable and a healthier work/life balance needs to be established.

The human body was not designed to work for that many hours for such a sustained period of time. Eventual exhaustion is a perfectly normal response to long periods of work. If you feel yourself approaching exhaustion, it’s time to re-evaluate your work/life balance

Preserve your physical and mental health by implementing these tactics:

  • Delegate
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Manage as much as you need, not as much as you want


Good business owners understand the value of hiring people smarter than themselves to do a specific job right. An effective manager and a well-trained team can do wonders for your bottom line. You can’t do it all yourself – so don’t. Train your workers correctly and you won’t have to do the jobs of multiple people.

Work smarter, not harder

Don’t believe the hype when a business owner brags about “working” 80 hours a week. If you were to follow them in their day-to-day life, you’d probably find that their productivity was exceedingly low.

Did you know that the GDP per hour worked generally has an inverse correlation with the number of hours worked overall?

For example, South Koreans work an average of 2,100 hours a year and produce 32 dollars of GDP per hour worked. In comparison, the French work around 1,500 hours a year and produce twice as much per hour worked. Work smarter and you won’t have to put in as many hours to produce the same number of goods and services.

Manage as much as you need, not as much as you want

Your business is your baby, and you want people to treat it with the same care and attention that you do. However, it is important to give your employees space and let them do their job. You’ll never be able to control everything. If you learn to let the small details go, then you will be able to focus on the things that really matter.

Are you working longer hours than you want to or ever thought you would be? What would you do to regain control of your life and spend more time with family and friends?

Executive Business Coach, Rob Carol, can help you!


Executive Business Coach, Rob Carol, can help you! As your business coach, he will be working with you in five key areas. The emphasis on each area depends on YOUR needs, the type of business YOU have, and YOUR goals.

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