How Do You Effectively Delegate?

How Do You Effectively Delegate?


Do you know how to delegate effectively? Delegating tasks and authority is a defining aspect of being a boss; however, it is a skill that many managers lack. Whether it is a lack of delegation, too much delegation, micromanaging, or putting the wrong people in the wrong places, a failure to properly assign tasks to people can result in a dysfunctional workplace.

As the owner of your business, you’ll be responsible for deciding who goes where and who does what. If you’re uncertain of how to delegate employees, here are a few points you can follow to ensure you match the right person with the right job.

1. Aces in their places

You want your employees to be well-trained in every aspect of their job. But when business is intense and you’re facing a rush, you’re not going to put a person in a position they are slower at just to help them get better at it. Save practice for another time – assign the workers you know are best at the job and keep them there for as long as needed.

2. Match personality types to the job

When you’re delegating a certain task to a person, it helps to align the job with what you know they can adapt to better. I recommend administering personality tests to screen applicants before they are ever hired for the job. While these tests do help to reduce turnover, keep in mind that such a test says nothing about a person’s competence, temperament, or ability to adapt.

3. Keep the right distance

As a general rule, people prefer more autonomy than less. Micromanaging a person is infantilizing and insulting. It suggests that they can’t be trusted to perform the most basic tasks. But conversely, most people that work under you need some form of supervision.

As a business owner, you can’t do everything by yourself. You’re going to have to place your trust in your employees to do their jobs without out watching them. Always assume positive intent and allow them some degree of freedom, but make sure to tighten the reigns when needed.

Is your business growing? Are you having difficulty delegating tasks to your team? Contact your local Business Coach Rob Carol. 

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