Disadvantages of Telecommuting

Disadvantages of Telecommuting


Telecommuting is more popular than ever before. In fact, nearly 24% of the workforce engages in some kind of remote work, up from just 2.3% in 1980. We can credit this increase to the continuous advances in internet technology.

For many, it seems like the perfect arrangement – work from home, sleep in a bit, no commute. And while these are certainly compelling reasons to work from home, there are several arguments that can be made both for and against telecommuting, and I will cover both in separate blog posts.

Disadvantages of Telecommuting

  • You effectively become invisible
  • You rick pigeonholing yourself
  • Communication becomes more difficult


You effectively become invisible

Building relationships with your coworkers is something that happens naturally when you’re in the same office together for a period of time. When you perform the same duties and share the same struggles, a sense of camaraderie develops. If you choose to work from home, you will miss out.

This could be more detrimental if you’re trying to form a good rapport with your boss. Many people put themselves on the radar by sharing a drink and having a good conversation with their boss at a party.


You risk pigeonholing yourself

Telecommuting works for some white-collar positions, but it becomes increasingly difficult as you work your way up the corporate ladder. Having the opportunity to advance in the company will require you to be physically present – sometimes at a moments notice. If you are unwilling to appear regular basis, you’ll likely be passed over in favour of those who do show up at the office everyday.


Communication becomes more difficult

When you’re physically present in the office, communication with your team and boss is relatively easy. Working from home makes this task far more difficult, especially during team meetings where everyone contribution is important.


The above reasons are not necessarily deal-breakers. Rather, they only represent one side of the argument. The counterpart to this article will help you make an informed decision if you are considering telecommuting.

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