Does Company Culture Really Matter?

Does Company Culture Really Matter?

Company CultureWhen people begin the search for a new job, they’ll typically look for certain qualities:

  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Location

Many people will pass over or apply for a job simply based on what the salary is. Others may not care as much about salary, but they will look for positions that are close to home.

Following all of these metrics, the job itself is then considered.

The above metrics can be quantified and measured. If you research the median pay for a certain job, Statistics Canada has a number of metrics pertaining to nearly every kind of employment in Canada. Unfortunately, the intangibles often get lost amidst these numbers and figures. Such things can include:

  • Overall job satisfaction
  • Perception of the job’s value
  • Culture surrounding these jobs

Company culture is often overlooked when people are on the hunt for a new job. This is because many individuals see company culture as a secondary factor to their pay, benefits, and so forth.


Personality Type and Job Satisfaction

Your personality type does not determine where you can and can’t work. However, it does play a big part in determining the level of satisfaction you will experience on the job.

For example, a withdrawn, introvert is unlikely to be happy at a high-pressure sales firm. At the same time, an outgoing social butterfly working the graveyard shift as a custodian is also unlikely to be happy.

Company culture affects how well an individual is able to fit in and identify with their peers and superiors. In turn, this has an effect on how they are perceived and treated.


Start-Up Company Culture

Unlike slow-moving, inertia-ridden behemoths that are giant corporations, start-ups evolve at a furious pace. A certain type of person is attracted to this kind of excitement and risk. Generally, the pay is lower, but the prospect of leading a fast-growing company in its incipient phases is incredibly exciting for some people.

For those who seek out stability and predictability, this kind of job can be incredibly stressful. While desk jobs aren’t glamorous or high paying, they make up for it in safety and stability.


Finding the Perfect Job

Finding the perfect job and company will require a fair amount of research and hard work. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier than ever before to find a great job. Websites like Glassdoor and Indeed are filled with job reviews from current and former employees. These reviews can provide a wealth of valuable insight as to how the prospective company functions.

Don’t just focus on the numbers. You don’t always have to choose between making money and fitting in. While a big salary is nice, finding a company that offers the best of both worlds will result in a feeling of more satisfied in the long run.


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