Canada BC Job Grant

Canada BC Job Grant

Did you know that there is funding available to business owners like you?

Funding for Business Training and Education is available through the Government of Canada and BC.

The Government of Canada and BC are stepping up to help your business with the Canada BC Job Grant (CJG). The aim is to make you more profitable and to help your employees become more valuable to you.

The Canada BC Job Grant (CJG) is an example of funding available to business owners like you. To learn more about this funding, Click here.

We are not authorized to give information on the Canada BC Job Grant. Please refer here for more information directly from the government about the funding.

Need help understanding your funding options? 

Contact business coach Rob Carol Directly ( or 604 833-0020) to get more information.

What type of Training is Offered? How will I benefit?

“Improve Profits” would sum it up. But it is so much more. We apply the ‘earn while you learn’ method that uses your business as the classroom. Meaning, no time is ‘wasted’ on theoretical situation.

Ultimately, we will provide your company with a custom training program that will help it run better. The training is in “business management” and the great part is that you get to use the training right away on your business. We will teach you time management so that you can get more out of your day. The course will assist you to hire better employees and retain staff longer. Furthermore, you will learn how to better reach your target market and get a good return on your marketing dollars. We cover most common business issues in the courses including understanding your financials (I mean really understand). We offer 4 courses for you to chose from.

So let’s get started! Call or email business coach Rob Carol today and let’s talk about what program would be right for you.

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Your Business Trainer; Rob Carol

Rob Carol, a Vancouver trainer, has been a small business owner since 1974 and has been training other business owners full-time, since 1999. Certified by ActionCOACH as both an executive and small business trainer, Rob has been involved in government sponsored training since 2010. Over 16,000 hours experience with one-on-one training makes Rob one of the most experienced and effective trainers on the planet. He is consistently awarded the top spot for effectiveness worldwide and is a member of the Chairman’s club, the top honor in the ActionCoach community. And he is right here in BC ready to help you with your small business.

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