What business can learn from Iceland’s Model?

What business can learn from Iceland’s Model?

IcelandHow did a country of 330,000 qualify and compete with the best in the world of Soccer?

Iceland has roughly 20,000 potential players.
Canada has nearly a million.

Iceland finished one point ahead of Malta (not a serious threat) in the 2006 world cup qualifications then rose 100 positions over the past 5 years.

Iceland is producing top athletes in other disciplines like Cross Fit. Last year they had 3 of the top 6 podium spots.

How is this possible- is it the fish or the lack of pollution or the Viking heritage? This probably helps, but the real answer is coaching and training.

On the pitch there are over 600 soccer coaches- these coaches are paid and are highly trained themselves. That is one for every 825 Icelanders, England (who was defeated by Iceland) has about one per 11,000 people. How do these well trained coaches make a difference? They start young and teach fundamentals.

How can a business benefit from this lesson?

Coaching is the key- not just being coached but having a great coach.

Some may think of the coach as the guy who gives a great speech in the locker room at half time and inspires the team to gut it out. Sure that happens…. but if you have been trained by a professional coach you know it always starts with the fundamentals. In business it is not different. It is not just inspiration, it is training. Training that also accomplishes real work in the process. The best training comes with immediate feedback so that adjustments can be made. So in real time live situations a business owner can apply the new skills and imbed them in the business as systems and training for employees.

There is a proper way to do a corner kick and a throw-in and learning how to do it right, then practicing it thousands of time – produces results.

Most business owners learned on the fly and have no real training in the fundamentals…like how to hire people. Their experience is limited to a few interviews that they had perhaps as a teen when they were looking for that summer job. Hiring is a finely refined skill that requires some training from a trainer that understands not only how to do it but how to impart that skill.

Many business owners look for advice from other business owners and that is a start but usually that business owner is just relying on their own experience as well and not on proven methodology. So the main lesson that we get for Iceland is… find a professional trainer/coach and pay them to do the job. Be picky about their credentials and experience- what have they accomplished?- how long have they been coaching? What training do they have?

So you are a small business and want to grow and take on a few Goliaths? Iceland did not say “we are too small” or “it is harder for us…we live on an isolated island”. Time to take Action.

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