How do you Avoid Distractions?

How do you Avoid Distractions?

DistractionsIt doesn’t matter who you are or what position you’re in, we’re all subject to a constant flow of distractions when we’re working. Some may be short; while we may seemingly wake up from others and ask, “Where did the day go?” 

If you’re a small business owner, little distractions throughout your day can have a huge impact on your income and chances of long-term success.

The top distractions for most people tend to be:

  • phone calls
  • emails
  • meetings
  • chatty colleagues
  • the internet

So, how do we avoid these distractions and ensure the greatest productivity for our days? Start by setting firm schedules and agendas, self-discipline, unbreakable rules, and incentives.

Firm Schedules and Agendas

I recommend creating a default schedule for yourself that is fixed each week. Then, you can add in variable items that will fill your time for the week. Establishing a routine is a great way to create a habit.

Both internal and external meetings should have a clearly stated agenda. You need to establish the purpose of the meeting, the topics to be covered, and the expected start and stop times.


Now, this can be a tough one for some people. So, turn off those distracting beeps and buzzes from your phone or computer, and get to work. Prioritize your tasks each day so the high-priority work gets done first. That way, if your timeline for the day slides, you know you got the important tasks completed.

Unbreakable Rules

If you’re spending time on activities that aren’t adding to your bottom line, then you’re losing money. Never eat lunch alone. Instead, use the time to build rapport, improve relationships, and be productive while you fuel up.

If you shouldn’t do it, can’t do it, or don’t want to do it, then delegate it. If it’s not worth your time, then it should be delegated to someone else so you can spend your time on activities that will grow your business.

Get a business coach to help you accelerate your business’ growth to a pace you would never be able to achieve alone. These days, business coaches are an absolute necessity, not a luxury. Over 70% of all fortune 500 companies and 100% of all pro sports teams have coaches, so why don’t you?


Set yourself a big personal goal or important business goal that you want to achieve within the next 12 months. Now place sticky notes at your work station or wherever you end up when you’ve been distracted. Write on the sticky note, “Is this worth not achieving my goal?”

Make your business a vehicle for the life you want, and not the other way around. Contact Business Coach Rob Carol to help you take your business to the next level.

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