Advantages of Telecommuting

Advantages of Telecommuting

Advantages of Telecommuting

Telecommuting is more common than ever before. It sounds like the perfect arrangement – work from home, sleep in a bit, no commute. However, this isn’t always the case. This is especially the case in fields where face-to-face interaction is a key component of your job.

There are several arguments that can be made both for and against telecommuting. After reading this analysis regarding the Advantages of Telecommuting, be sure to read about the Disadvantages of Telecommuting as well.

1. You don’t have to commute

Commuting to work can be a real pain. Who wouldn’t want to perform their job while sitting in the comfort of their own home? This (admittedly idealized) scenario is quite attractive for a lot of people who have a long commute.

For some, being surrounded by lots of people all day can be exhausting. Working from home allows them to perform at full capacity, without the added stress of frequent human interactions.

2. You save time and money

Few people enjoy commuting, but for most, it is unavoidable if you want to have a job. For people living in rural areas, you may have no choice but to drive long distances or take public transportation to get to work. In both of these cases, you sacrifice time and money.

Working from home removes that unpleasant part of your day entirely and allows you to use the time saved as you wish.

3. You enjoy increased flexibility

Away from the ever-vigilant eye of your boss, you will have more freedom in how you will structure your day. This arrangement works well for those more independent-minded employees who desire a greater level of autonomy in the workplace.

4. It just makes sense

This point ties in somewhat to the first point. If you’re not driving to work, that means you don’t have to waste time and gas. This saves your car undue wear and tear and also reduces the environmental impact of your car being on the road.

Your employer will also reap the benefits of telecommuting. For example, it takes less power and fewer resources to keep the office running smoothly. Additionally, increased productivity and happiness that results from working at home helps translate to higher profit margins and reduced employee turnover.


These are all excellent reasons to allow your employees to work remotely. However, don’t assume that there are no negatives to working from home. Refer to the counterpart article to this piece called Disadvantages of Telecommuting. My goal is to help you make an informed decision that works best for you and your employees.

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