Why You Need Rob Carol As Your Business Coach

Rob Carol  Your Business Coach -  Building blueprints for success


Rob Carol

  • 17 years as a Business Coach
  • Over 16,000 hours of coaching and training experience
  • 33 years as a counselor and Trainer
  • 42 years level business experience, Certified Business Coach, Certified Money Coach, Certified Executive Coach, Certified DISC, VAK and CRG assessor. Public speaking instructor.
  • International Public Speaker with total audience attendances well in excess of 100,000.


It is a gift and a privilege that a person can contribute to making big and small differences to hundreds of people,  and like any Olympic trainer, I haven’t achieved all this by sitting around.

The expression serial Entrepreneur does not quite fit- as Rob is more accurately described as a Parallel-preneur.  The energy and focus for operating several businesses at the same time is a testament to Rob’s capabilities.  All this and you would expect a pretty stressed and short of time person?  Well meeting Rob is not only a great experience it is inspiring that a person can juggle many businesses and demands, yet still give you 100% focus as a coach to your needs.  They say that people love to do business with  people they love to do business with, this would have to be one of the factors of Robs success.

Rob hasn’t achieved his successes by sitting around.  It is not just his energy that is contagious.  His technical experience and his decisiveness drives this ability to run multiple businesses. Making business decisions with 100% confidence in is about getting the right information from the right source.  Rob shares this confidence with the business owners and organizations he works with to maximize decision time and thus minimize annoying holdups that can totally sap a business or projects productivity.

Rob’s Personal Experience

Rob began his business experience in 1975 by building and selling businesses while his peers were still completing their post-secondary education. His first business (which he sold in 1977) is still profitable and operating in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Moving to the west coast of Canada, after receiving technical training at BCIT, he started and still operates two corporations involved with construction, equipment rental, and property management and finance. If you are after a coach that can relate to the pressures that business owners face, then Rob can truly understand you. Rob is not just theory, he  has a proven track record of business success in the real world.

Business Coach Since 2000

In 2000 Rob decided to share his experience with others by becoming a business coach. Helping other great business people cut short the hard lessons and offering sensational strategies for success has been very rewarding.

The move into coaching has been one of development and continuing education. Rob has invested well over $100k in intensive training to optimize his coaching skills. Another incredible milestone in Rob’s success.

14 years as a coach, 30 years as a counselor, over 10,000 hours of coaching experience, 40 years C level business experience, Certified business coach, Certified Money Coach, Certified Executive Coach over $100,000 spent in personal and coaching development and an International Public Speaker with total audience attendances well in excess of 100,000.

Rob’s Coaching Network

Representing ActionCoach Canada, Rob has coached over 150 business leaders one-on-one to achieve the success they were hoping for. As a successful coach Rob has been sharing his coaching techniques and strategies with other coaches for over a decade.

What you can expect

Several of Rob’s clients have achieved recognition for their business achievements including;

  • Earnst and Young finalist for Entrepreneur of the year, Vancouver.
  • Burnaby Business of the Year
  • Coquitlam business of the Year finalist
  • Tri Cities Business of the Year

Of course the real winners are the ones who achieve balance in their lives, in their family, making better and happier communities and futures for our children.

It takes some finesse to coach both the business leader and the business to success. It is a gift and a privilege that a person can contribution to making big and small differences to hundreds of people, knowing that families and communities also benefit from happy businesses and a business owners success.

Rob married his high school sweetheart in 1977 and they live in Vancouver.